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Amenities that Make Stays Memorable

Part of the thrill of travel is discovering the distinctive flavors, scents, sights, and textures of a destination. You don’t need to go far to find what will delight your guests the most.

  • Provide a small, regional gift for breakfast, depending on the season and where you are located (i.e. special and rare local honey, local cheeses, fresh juice and fruit.

  • Decorate your place with local themes and provide local treats like craft brews, locally roasted coffee, flowers from your garden, local organic snack bars and makes sure to supply information on the area like local newspaper and local magazines.

Sometimes, Practical is Best

From sunscreen in warm and beach climates, to ear plugs in noisy locations, practical amenities can make the difference between a great trip and an unexpectedly frustrating one. You save the day with first aid kits, computer adaptors, hair dryers, flashlights next to the bed and more. Depending on your location see more examples below.

  • A very basic thing that’s a hit for kid friendly places: the old wagon with cushions for pushing toddlers around in.

  • Beach kit: chairs, umbrella, sarong, paddle ball, ice chest, cards, children’s toys and football.

  • Mosquito kit: repellent, citronella candles, repellents and insecticides

Guests Often Find Unusual Amenities Irresistible

Unique amenities can make a guest’s stay memorable. Guests rave about things like heated bathroom floors, massage chairs, and friendly pets. And those are just the beginning:

  • Start a book exchange with my guests. Give every guest a book as a gift, whether they give a back a book too or not. This allows hosts to create a small library available to future guests.

  • If you have an out door space consider adding a fire pit, guests will definitely appreciate this option for cool evenings.

  • Barbeques are also a coveted guest amenity, especially in nice climates.

Simple Kindness can be an Amenity, Too

When you express your personality through little acts of thoughtfulness, you can make a big impact.

  • Leave a personalized welcome message on a card made by a local designer whose theme is your city.

  • Provide some basics like water, nuts, and other snacks.

  • Guests always appreciate special touches like comfy robes.

Even if your space is simple and modest, you create one-of-a-kind experiences that welcome the world to your town.


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