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About Ramona

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The popularity of HomeSharing is skyrocketing and as an Airbnb Superhost with more than 250 Five Star reviews, I know the ins and outs of HomeSharing. When I first decided to HomeShare, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but it wasn’t long before I started making money and learning how to be successful.


More than anything in the world, I hate seeing people get ripped off or not taking advantage of their rights. That’s why I created Ramona the Host - an app that easily allows HomeSharers to maximize profits and tax deductions. If you’ve got an Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey or other rental, or you are thinking about HomeSharing, you need Ramona the Host. If Ramona the Host had existed when I was starting up my HomeShare, I would have been up and running (and earning) much sooner.

Ramona the Host is a straightforward system that keeps you informed on the latest tax deductible expenses, provides a simple interface to track everything and allows you to store and share records - maximizing your tax deductions and offsetting money owed at tax time. And as a "green host" I can rest easy knowing I'm helping the environment by eliminating the need for paper tracking and receipts. 

Happy HomeSharing!

~Sandra, AKA Ramona the Host

Beautiful Wodden House
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