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HomeSharing Best Practices

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

I share my space and book other spaces so this gives me a unique dual perspective on homesharing. Each time I arrive at a homeshare booking, there is a moment when I take a deep breath and hope what’s on the other side matches the listing. When the door swings open and I am welcomed in to a clean comfortable space that corresponds to the online description, I really do feel I can belong anywhere. Here’s how you can help your guests feel the same way.

Welcome Gusets in Person: Guests really look forward to meeting you! After all, they chose your listing as their favorite, and it makes their stay even better when they can meet the person behind the listing. If you can’t be there, let them know who will be. Hopefully you’ve found a trusted co-host that will make them feel as welcome and comfortable as you would. And if you have a chance, check in during their stay to say hello.

Help Guests Feel at Home: It’s the little things that count. A welcome note, a cold beverage in the fridge, maybe a local treat and of course, coffee and tea supplies. Personal touches that add warmth and a home-like atmosphere are why guests choose to stay in Homeshare spaces. So go ahead, add some flair to your decor including artwork, books you love, and interesting dishes. And don’t forget a house manual! A guide to how things work not only helps guests look after your home and possessions, it saves them having to contact you, again, about how the TV remotes work!

Honesty is the Best Policy: Nobody likes surprises—unless it’s their birthday! If something has changed about your listing, say the shower isn’t draining, or the Wifi is down, or a protest march is planned outside your front door, let guests know upfront and tell them your plan to resolve the issue (if you can). It’s how you respond that makes all the difference, and keeps your reviews positive.

Stay in Touch: When guests stay in a place for longer than a few days, they appreciate hosts who check in to see if everything is okay. It’s a sure sign of a host who cares about their guest’s experience. Also knowing they can reach you during their stay in case something goes wrong or they need some local advice makes guests feel safe and well-cared for.

Share Your Local Knowledge: Guests want to eat where you eat! Don’t rely on tourist brochures or TripAdvisor, tell guests your favorite ways to experience the city from a local perspective. Including how to get around, where it’s safe, and what may be happening in your neighborhood that only a local would know about. Of course, you can put all of this information in that much-appreciated manual we mentioned, as well.


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