While there are many apps out there that help people track receipts and expenses, Ramona the Host is different because it’s the only app specifically designed with HomeShare accounting and property management expense accounting in mind. 

Built and designed by an expert HomeSharer, Ramona the Host is a straightforward system that keeps you informed on the latest tax deductible expenses, provides a simple interface to track everything, and allows you to store and share records – maximizing your tax deductions and offsetting money owed at tax time.

Ramona the Host allows you to:

  • Manage multiple properties

  • Share the App with a co-host

  • Easily log expenses

  • Export reports via .pdf or .csv

  • Track mileage deductions

  • Make tax filing hassle free for you and your tax preparer

  • Save money at tax time

  • Make your tax returns audit ready


When you download Ramona the Host, your subscription can be your first tax deduction!  



Ramona is one of a kind and the first entrepreneur accounting app to market. You can download summary statistics sorted by date, amount, store, provider and category of expense to better understand how much, and where, you are investing in your HomeShare. A dream for Airbnb expense tracking, VRBO expense tracking & Flipkey expense tracking. When it is time to file your tax return, just hit the print button. 


Homeshare taxes can be complicated. Seamlessly add and download all of your deductible expenses including pictures and/or files of receipts. With this homeshare app, multiple properties can be added and managed and expense entries can be sorted in a variety of ways including date, provider, category, etc. Bonus: When you download the Ramona the Host app, your subscription to the app can be your first tax deduction!  


Because different short term rental
properties carry different tax implications, Ramona the Host offers finance tracking that allows you to itemize based on direct or indirect expenses and customize your specific HomeShare scenario - even calculating the allowable portion of a shared expense based on your square footage! The app can also be easily used with a partner or co-host, who can access properties shared by you and add their own expenses in real time. No more keeping track of, and handing off, paper receipts.


The founder of Ramona the Host is a committed Eco Host who uses green products, recycles and utilizes energy saving techniques, and the launch of the app brings her commitment full circle - using Ramona for your homeshare accounting means you are immediately using less paper. Take your eco hosting to a whole new level!



"Ramona the Host saves us money! 
All of our expenses are now thoroughly tracked and categorized making tax preparation simple. With the app sharing feature, my husband and I can make sure that no expenditure — big or small— falls through the cracks. No matter who is handling the expense, it can be immediately uploaded on the spot. Thanks, Ramona, for making things so easy!"

Laura K. - Berkeley, CA

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